Geelong face painting for kids parties

January 28, 2017

There’s nothing quite like seeing the excitement and simple joy on children’s faces as they throw themselves into the fun of a party.

It’s one of life’s fantastic sights. But did you know that adding face painters to the party mix can make those young grins stretch even wider?

At Izzy’s Castles ‘N’ More, making people smile and laugh is our job. Our face painting service, delivered by a skilful, experienced face painter, will take your party up a notch, providing hours of fun for kids and the young at heart with an extensive variety of designs for party goers to select from.

With the careful touch of a paint brush or sponge, a splash of colour and a load of talent, our painter can transform children’s happy faces into butterflies, princesses, fairies, animals, super heroes or scary creatures.

Do you want a rainbow of colours and a shimmer of glitter dust to add to the magic look? Or a bold design in your favourite footy team colours? It’s about using your imagination and letting our Geelong face painting expert create the look you’re after.

Face painting is not just for youngsters. Why should they have all the fun? Teens and adults are embracing it with open arms too.

Let’s face it, we all love a bit of face paint. Just look at the crowds at the Australian Open currently underway and you’ll see people with flags painted on their faces to support their favourite player. And the Aussies, with green and gold adorning their cheeks, have been a stand out.

While face painting at parties today is clearly all about fun and entertainment, the act of painting faces has been around for thousands of years for reasons including spiritual, religious, cultural and military purposes. Soldiers today still use paint for camouflage. But we’re pretty sure they don’t incorporate glitter dust into their designs!

Izzy’s Castles ‘N’ More is proud to offer Geelong face painting services to clients across the region, providing hours of fun for party guests of all ages.

Whether you’re planning a small gathering to celebrate your child’s fifth birthday or an extravaganza with dozens of youngsters in attendance, please contact us for more information about hiring a quality face painter to add colour and excitement to your event.