Six reasons to choose our Geelong slushie machine hire

September 21, 2016

When it comes to slushies, the weather doesn’t matter – kids and adults alike can’t resist these delicious icy treats.

And at Izzy’s Castles ‘N’ More we’re happy to serve up six strong, flavour-filled reasons for party and event organisers to turn to us for Geelong slushie machine hire.

So what are the reasons, you ask. It’s simple. Cola, lemon, lime, raspberry, tropical and blue lagoon. And those flavours say it all.

They’re the flavour of childhood summers and fun times. They add oomph to parties and they’re sure to be a big hit at your next gathering, fete or birthday event.

Our Geelong slushie machine hire costs $150 a day, which includes 100 slushie serves. Because we provide flavours in serves of 50 that gives you a choice of up to two flavours from our tasty line up. But be warned, they all taste great and it’s not an easy choice!

We include cups, flavour syrup and straws in the all-day hire. And if you think your guests will be hungry for more than 100 slushie serves, we’re happy to add another 100 serves for an extra $50 to keep the slushie satisfaction going for even longer.

So whether you’ve got a cola crowd, a tropical troop or a blue lagoon bunch, with our Geelong slushie machine hire you can’t go wrong. Slushies are a slurp of fun and flavour and a sure way to get your party off to a cool start. Please contact us at Izzy’s Castles `N’ More for more information.