Table and chair hire for Geelong parties

December 21, 2015

If you’re planning a party in the New Year what are you going to do about seating for your guests? It’s an important question, because most people just don’t have enough spare seats and tables stored at their home to cater for a large event. But there’s an easy answer – turn to Izzy’s Castles `N’ More for table and chair hire in Geelong.

It’s a great, easy and affordable option. And it means you don’t have the stressful task of trying to source the furniture yourself by cobbling pieces together from friends and family. There’s no `guests, please bring a chair’ to worry about when we’re part of the equation.

Our clients can select from a range of round and rectangular tables and stackable and folding chairs, which are great for gatherings from big to small.

Anyone who has co-ordinated a large party, such as a milestone birthday or anniversary celebration, knows that it’s hard work. There’s the venue to organise, guest list, invitations, food, drinks, music and decorations. Ticking one big-ticket item – table and chair sourcing – off the list helps lessen the load and the stress levels.

By relying on our table and chair hire Geelong party hosts and hostesses can be confident that everyone will be able to take a seat and enjoy a meal. From formal occasions to casual events, adequate seating and tables are a vital part of the party infrastructure, especially if you have elderly guests. While guests love to mingle, move around and dance, there’s no denying the relief you feel to be able to sit awhile and rest your weary feet.

So if you have dozens of guests to seat and no seats in sight, then contact us at Izzy’s Castles `N’ More for information about our furniture range. We’ve got quality table and chair hire Geelong people can use to ensure their parties are a success and we’d love to help you.