Slushie machine hire a cool touch for Geelong parties this summer

November 30, 2015

Birthday parties for children are great fun but when the big day falls in the midst of a blistering summer you end up with a horde of hot, excitable kids in need of hydration. So why not consider slushie machine hire in Geelong as the perfect way to add a really cool element to the celebration?

Just watch the party goers’ eyes light up with delight when they spy the ice-cold slushie machine working its magic. There’ll be no problems getting youngsters and teens to increase their fluid intake with the slushie sensation on hand. They’ll flock to it, fill their cups and rehydrate without even realising.

At Izzy’s Castles `N’ More, we know how active kids can be. They jump, run, bounce, skip, shout and laugh their way through parties. That’s the way it should be. But kids dehydrate quicker than adults and it’s important they drink plenty of liquid, especially during hot-weather parties. While water is a great thirst quencher, many kids turn up their noses at it on party day. But they’ll beat a path to the slushie machine for an icy-cool drink without hesitation.

We’re proud to provide quality slushie machine hire Geelong parents can use to kick their child’s party to another level. Our machines look great and are easy to operate. With straws, cups and flavour syrup included in the all-day hire, parents can select from a range of flavours including tropical and raspberry.

It’s also worth talking to our team about other fun attractions we can add to your party. Perhaps you need a quality face painter or a jumping castle? Or will a fairy floss machine hit a high note with the birthday boy or girl?

When it comes to parties for kids of all ages, we’ve got you covered. Please contact us at Izzy’s Castles `N’ More if you would like more information about our slushie machine hire in Geelong. We’ll be happy to help make your child’s party a memory they’ll cherish forever.