Who invented the jumping castle?

September 2, 2015

Jumping castle hire started all the way over in Louisiana in the USA in 1969!

Like many inventions, the jumping castle grew out of another idea altogether! In 1959, an American engineer named John Scurlock was working hard to develop an effective inflatable cover for tennis courts and swimming pools. Scurlock had a team of employees helping him with his task and soon noticed they would have a great time walking, jumping and bouncing on the inflatable structures. The entrepreneurial Scurlock came up with the idea of a portable inflatable ‘pillow’ for children to play on and kids parties were never to be the same! Called the “Moon Walk” and the “Space Walk”, Scurlock and his wife, Frances, marketed the inflatable pillows to fairs and carnivals as they were prohibitively expensive. Things have certainly changed, where Geelong jumping castle hire is primarily at private parties and functions these days!

The inflatable pillow was soon extended to include inflatable walls and netting to increase the safety of the structure. Netting also allowed cool air to flow through the jumping castle – a necessity in the hot and humid conditions of the American south!

Since the 1960s the jumping castle has come a long way in terms of structure, decoration and safety. Izzy’s Castles ‘N’ More have a fantastic range of jumping castles available for all occasions. Take your next party or function to new heights with Geelong jumping castle hire from Izzy’s!